Rain Man

Eidetic memory – a priceless ability or an unfounded myth? Over-applied in cases of good memory, the idea of the existence of true eidetickers is questionable, because many individuals with remarkable memory rely on mnemonic strategies, mostly the method of loci ( or the mental walk), and other non-eidetic memory enhancing exercises.

Stephen Wiltshire, prodigious savant – capable of drawing an entire city skyline after a helicopter ride.
Andriy Slyusarchuk – memorised the first 30 million decimal places of pi, and can recite randomly selected decimal places from within the 30 million.

Unfortunately, a mere handful can claim to be eidetickers, while the rest can only envy Dr. Spencer Reid’s ability.

The sole reason I moved here is for the simplistic and clean layout. It’s called Eidetic because it is not only a recollection of events, but also that of visual images.

As I’ve embarked on a new phase, the nature of my occupation draws me towards photography and writing. These are just little amateurish experiments with a basic camera, and an untrained eye for good shots. But that’s just what it is, capturing little details in words and visually, and recalling them with extreme precision.


5 thoughts on “Rain Man

  1. WHYYYY SWITCH??!!! Oh well, wordpress is a step towards professional journalism??

    Your post serves as a reminder for me to start revision for my Basic Psychology exam. LOL

  2. True enough, WordPress is all you need. Served me well in a chapter long ago.

    I see you’re still into Criminal Minds 🙂

    Wish you only the best in pursuing this new phase of yours.


  3. Joshua: Yup. I love the whole system of it. Sophisticated yet simple. Paradoxical. 🙂 Yup, but not as obsessed as I was.
    Godspeed! That cup of coffee is still waiting.

    yukana: It’s nicer! And yeah, a change in style of writing? 🙂 Haha, study stimulus.

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