We Must Be Crazy

Feeling in the mood to have an activity-packed day, I headed for grocery shopping at Kinta City with Mom. Right after getting a sundae to satisfy my hunger pangs, I saw a man in a white T-shirt with a hat walking alongside another man. Hm, I thought, his gait and fashion sense seemed familiar. And […]

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Having your name engraved on something is always cooler than having it written, printed or painted, especially when it is artistically done. I maniacally like labelling my name on objects with black Sharpies for no explainable reason. So, when I received a Parker IM Gold Trim Brushed Metal Ballpoint pen with my name engraved on […]

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Me – A Lotus Eater?

The Lotus Eater by W. Somerset Maugham. We’ve studied it, we believe we understood it; but what is a lotus-eater? In Greek mythology, the lotus-eaters were a race of people described in the Odyssey who lived in a drugged, indolent state from feeding on the narcotic lotus plant. But a lotus-eater is also a lazy […]

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I’ve already tried out Matthew Gray Gubler’s unconventional style of drawing – shaky undefined lines, detailed wrinkles, and lots of eye bags. I could consider it a successful experiment/attempt. And the end result after several weeks was The 9 Episodes of Boredom. I snagged a black Stabilo point 88 from my brother’s room to fill […]

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