I’ve already tried out Matthew Gray Gubler’s unconventional style of drawing – shaky undefined lines, detailed wrinkles, and lots of eye bags. I could consider it a successful experiment/attempt. And the end result after several weeks was The 9 Episodes of Boredom.

I snagged a black Stabilo point 88 from my brother’s room to fill in a scholarship application form, and I ended up drawing again! I don’t know exactly what ‘kind’ of art you could call it. But it’s clean and neat, and I used sharp lines, save for a few feminine curves for the Lavender Lady.

Yup, it’s a stereotype of a detective. But it’s what we all know. The Detective in The Trenchcoat.

Corel Paint Shop Pro XI just makes things look better.


2 thoughts on “Stereotyping

  1. Nice drawings! Kinda miss the days where you and Kaylynn scribble on my notes randomly in tuition class.

    Just one question: What happened to the Stabilo Point 88? XD

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