Having your name engraved on something is always cooler than having it written, printed or painted, especially when it is artistically done. I maniacally like labelling my name on objects with black Sharpies for no explainable reason. So, when I received a Parker IM Gold Trim Brushed Metal Ballpoint pen with my name engraved on it, ah, I love it. Perhaps it’s because it makes the gift somewhat more personal. (Thank you, again.) Well, it is my first Parker by the way, although it’s a ballpoint. But it’s still a Parker. Dad always used a red fountain Parker for marking his students’ homework, which made his writing more artsy, so that made me want one when I was small. And I think the Parker Pen website is extremely cool. Upon exploring their very modern site (it’s a 120-year-old English company), I found out that the gold trimmings are 23-carat gold-plated! By being a nosey parker (pun intended), I found out that it might be worth 60MYR. (Fancy a 12,000 USD 18-carat solid gold Parker from Montgomery Pens?) Wow wow wow! My sister said, “Nice. If you’re broke, you know where to look.” Funny.

Meet Mr Parker

One thought on “Engraving

  1. NICE !!! She’s really generous , she got me one too . I had no idea they used real gold , thanks for the info and yea when i’m broke i’ll know where to look .. heheh..

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