We Must Be Crazy

Feeling in the mood to have an activity-packed day, I headed for grocery shopping at Kinta City with Mom. Right after getting a sundae to satisfy my hunger pangs, I saw a man in a white T-shirt with a hat walking alongside another man. Hm, I thought, his gait and fashion sense seemed familiar. And of course the face – the well-known pock-marked face. No prizes for guessing; it was the Singaporean Chinese comedian, actor and film director Mark Lee!

Here is he, for those who have no clue of who he is.

He has just directed The Ghosts Must Be Crazy with Jack Neo, a horror comedy, which will be released soon. If you still are in the dark, he’s the guy in Money Not Enough 2.

So yes, I saw him, walked by him, contemplated on taking a photograph with him (the journalist me brings a camera everywhere now). But, I just walked by without doing anything. Funnily enough, Malaysians who watch his films and laugh at how the typical portrayed Singaporean can be so kiamsiap/kiasu, don’t recognised the man in person!

Through my job and time as student editor, I’ve met some pretty big people out there – I’ve met international supermodel Amber Chia (and baby Ashton) and interviewed local actor Mano Maniam. (I’ll be going to listen to Marina Mahathir on women’s rights soon too.)

So yes, I’m guilty of harbouring hopes of meeting people like Thomas Gibson and Matthew Gray Gubler of Criminal Minds (I just had to include Criminal Minds!). Perhaps lunch with musically-talented Wang Lee Hom or a round of jamming with Relient K.

But I’m still normal! Check out people who aren’t in Charlieissocoollike’s Tumblr Weirdness (watch it!) video. Apparently, there’s a name for this kind of thing (it’s called Celebrity Worship Syndrome. Read it!) and research shows that innocent interest can turn nasty into some debilitating mental illness.

In 2003, New Scientist said that one third of Americans have CWS. Then in 2006, one third of the world’s population have CWS. Assuming that this statistic is accurate or at least, close to the actual stats, that’s a big number. People must be really crazy to place another person on a pedestal.

I’ve watched E! News several times and it’s so full of celebrity gossip; what Britney Spears had for lunch, Sarah J Parker takes kids out, what colour underwear Prince Harry wears. It’s a whole manic obsession! Charlie McDonnell (again) shares some of my sentiments about tabloids in How To Be Famous?. There’s so much focus on what celebrities wear to red carpet events, and it just goes on and on. And it’s such an extrinsic and superficial view of people, that it’s almost sad.

You must not make for yourself an idol of any kind or an image of anything in the heavens or on the earth or in the sea.

Exodus 20:4


2 thoughts on “We Must Be Crazy

  1. What was THE famous Mark Lee doing in Kinta City??

    You being a journalist sounds so cool! And if you do get to see Matthew Gray Gubler, PLEASE BRING ME ALONG!! I’ll volunteer to be your driver or assistant. 😛

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