‘Demistifying’ Remembrances

“Remembrance of things past is not necessarily the remembrance of things as they were.”
– Marcel Proust

Browsing through pictures and information on several hill resorts, I feel like heading up there for a leisure trip. Penang Hill, Fraser’s Hill and Maxwell Hill are all haven’s for shutter bugs. Although I’m not a talented photographer with a superb camera, I think it’s worthwhile visiting these locations. While I’ve only managed to get to the foot of Maxwell, I’ve visited Penang and Fraser’s on one occasion each.

The only photo of the bungalow that I could find.

Penang Hill proved to be a frightening experience for me as a 9-year-old. A huge colonial bungalow, terrifying lightning, frequent black-outs, flooded toilets. Oh, and running in the rain in black trashcan bags as rain coats from the funicular train to the bungalow. I couldn’t wait to leave the hill.

Fraser’s was a case of plenty sick bags caused by the rising of stomach contents. It’s a getaway, and children find it hard to stay within the bungalow grounds and adventurous children find jungle trekking with metal bars along the trail less than ‘adventurous’. But I thought the Bunge & Arundel where we stayed was a charming place with good food but I was no food enthusiast then. Very English. I was chided by my aunt for choosing coffee over tea during tea time!

That’s my memory of the hills. But I’d like to return and see if my memory serves me right. Maybe the scary bungalow wasn’t that big, maybe the food tasted even better. I’d like to prove these frightful memories (of Penang Hill) wrong. Plus, I’m a sucker for colonial buildings and I’ve always wanted to photograph them. Never had the chance and time though. Maybe this is it, before university begins!


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