Seems Like the Road’s Been Paved

I’m shedding the lab coat for the lawyer’s robes. I can’t recall the reason for the switch though. I’ve been annoyingly fickle with my ambition, but I’m sure now! Yay. Papa and Mama Lim are happy. Grandpa Lim says it’s the first time a Lim does law and chuckles.

Mom says to write a journal of how God has directed me here. When you’re tired and disheartened, it would serve as a reminder.

I’ve been told to take up law by a Malaysian Studies teacher who taught me less than 10 classes. I met a lawyer by chance who immediately offered to let me read his books. I got to know four law students and a prospective law student in a camp, who gave me insight. I’ve met so many lawyers and prospective ones, and attended a court hearing in such a short period of time.

I’ve been encouraged and equally discouraged by people. The usually silent most senior Granduncle Wong brightened up and encouraged me so greatly, that I could’ve hugged him there and then. Often, I ponder if it is right for me. Mom says I lack assertiveness and a tad introvert. The public universities decided for me by offering me a Computer Science honours degree in the East. Admittedly, it was letdown. I wasn’t offered a course close to law or chemistry, or even a university of choice. Seeing everyone receive good news was a mood damper. But for positivity’s sake, I’ll take it as a road sign for a law degree. And despite the odds, UK is still on my list, so I’ll be working and vying hard for a spot.

Living an extremely sedentary lifestyle has made me uber excited for university. The prospect of burying my nose in a mountain of books, jotting notes at super sonic speed, assignments and deadlines send a lovely tingle down my spine. A milestone for someone who shunned studying. I’m afraid, I’m worried and I’m doubtful of myself, but, this is it I guess.


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