My room’s still a mess and my bags are unpacked. The papier-mâché helmet for VBS lies half-done in a corner, several ink drawings incomplete, recently printed photographs remain out of the album sleeves, and my 9 Episodes of Boredom is still unframed. And my shutterbug rip to Kellie’s Castle has not been materialised.

I haven’t gone for tea with my boss, and it’s Ramadhan now. I haven’t had that coffee I promised Joshua. I haven’t said goodbye to the two great old men – Mr. Lee the badminton coach who made me believe some things were better late than never, and Mr. Chin the Chemistry man who’ll be leaving his profession and country soon. And I haven’t brought my grandparents for breakfast this week.

I busted my ankle during my last game of badminton, and for that I missed and will miss my last two dance classes.

In other words, I’m not prepared to leave, because I just realised it’s this weekend.


One thought on “Realisation

  1. mr chin gonna stop tuition already?? where’s he going??

    aww..i know how u feel..the un-readiness of leaving..Ppl like me emo quite long before leaving too..cheer up k!!! we’ll meet in kl..=)

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