Light Reprieve from a … Law Book?

It’s been two weeks since I’ve been here. The first few days were harried occasions, having to battle the throng of Raya shoppers (mostly Chinese) at Ikea and definitely going OD on shopping for necessities. Then, it was a battle of loneliness and absolute boredom even with my car because I barely know the roads. Though I am proud to say I have survived the LDP and the North-South Highway! The Kancil cruised like a king on the road, with a long convoy behind, at an average speed of 90 kph. After the first 15 minutes, I lost count of how many vehicles overtook me. I’ve been honked at and been at risk more than ever in the past three days on the journey to college.

KL has been kind yet cruel to me. But I’m taking it in stride. College’s tough when you know nobody. Law school’s even tougher because the students are well, talented at talking – logic or nonsense, that’s another thing. And there are pre-existing cliques. STPM holders are a rarity at about 25%. Most of the others took law in A-levels, giving them an upperhand.

I’ve always opined that our schools don’t encourage sharing personal points of view. Now, given the chance in our plentiful assignments, I’m stumped. I realised I’ve conformed to what we were bent to become. For an assignment on religion and science, I’ve provided reason and evidence mechanically. But, that’s my point of view, ain’t it?

I’ve been doing plenty of cooking and washing, and lots of reading, like I’m preparing for an exam that’s not due in months. But I like it.

Tuesday was horrible. It wasn’t so fine in college. Then, my car window got (probably) smashed up by a blockhead just two weeks after Dad got them tinted. I spent the whole morning at the workshop reading Contract and watching the workers, and the guy tried to freak me out about a major oil leakage that would require a pricey top overhaul when I just got my car overhauled! Shit happens; just unfortunate that it comes in one major flush.

On a brighter note, my Contract text book actually got me laughing today. Who knew? Ah, the British.

‘There is plenty of time before students of the general principles of contract have to leave the delightfully peaceful groves of academic speculation for the well-paid but terrifying drudgery of practical contract drafting and disputation where the enormous salaries offered in journals like The Lawyer are purchased at a price of mental atrophy and physical exhaustion in the bellicose circumstances which would be macho if legal practice where really in ‘Dodge’ City and the Wild West End.’

‘When the poor, troubled, miserable person (client) enters the lawyer’s office, for the solicitor to justify making the person poorer, he must make him happier by resolving his client’s troubles by finding a remedy.’

‘..You decide to buy a second-hand Ford Sierra car from D.Ubious Car Dealers.’

Or maybe it’s just me who finds this amusing.


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