Are You That Numb?!

After recovering from a bout of a peculiar ailment, I did a couple of drawings which I’m not too proud of. Probably the lack of inspiration. And time. I’m planning this elaborate blue china porcelain series and soon, Nyonya series (I’m a proud Nyonya! – An inside joke. Heh.). Reverting to my usual doodles-in-class, this […]

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First Class Happiness

Here’s Mom while we were in the waiting room before the award ceremony last year. It’s been a year exactly but it doesn’t feel so. My drawing hardly does any justice to her youthfulness and beautiful self. And it doesn’t even look alike. But it was her happiness I was trying to capture. Mom, I’ll […]

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Silent Visual Musical Expressions

I’ve been using a daily devotional called Worship the King. Unfortunately, daily devotionals don’t always mean devotion is done daily. But I try. As the name suggests, it is about worship. I love worship in church, in private, anywhere. Perhaps it’s my form of expression and communication with God. It may not be perfect, because […]

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