Silent Visual Musical Expressions

I’ve been using a daily devotional called Worship the King. Unfortunately, daily devotionals don’t always mean devotion is done daily. But I try. As the name suggests, it is about worship. I love worship in church, in private, anywhere. Perhaps it’s my form of expression and communication with God. It may not be perfect, because so often, we get caught up in the melody and funky guitar stuff that we don’t really mean what we sing. That’s the danger. Focus and genuinity. Examination. These are so necessary to present pure worship unto God.

Today, I came back early. While preparing dinner, I sang. And it rained. A while after I’d stopped, the rain stopped too.

I remembered drawings I did a few days ago in an effort to make a stop-motion video of John (a stickman with a hexagonal head) who grabbed a microphone, sang and it rained. When he stopped, the sun came out. Talk about similarities. My stop-motion video only amounted to 4 seconds worth of 9 drawings. It’s almost like producing a cartoon! It’s a really cool process and I hope to do a live motion one soon.. with a good camera and time of course.

Drawing is the only activity I do for enjoyment in KL. Maybe to good effect. Not having access to any musical instruments as often as I had left me drawing them instead.

I’ve been listening to Marshall and Sarah’s cover of Bob Dylan’s A Hard Rain’s a Gonna Fall which I take to be an anti-nuclear war anthem. The harmony and dynamics in the cover work better for me and Marshall’s voice adds brownie points. Sean refused to allow me to bring the classical guitar to KL, so I’m thinking of getting a ukulele! Mobile, easy to learn and I reckon it wouldn’t be too pricey.

Drums! In five months, I’ve only touched and played them once. Everytime I go to church, I long to play again. But with time constraints, I’m not too sure whether serving here would be possible. Still praying and waiting for an answer.

More time for more drawings and music in 3 months time!


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