Are You That Numb?!

After recovering from a bout of a peculiar ailment, I did a couple of drawings which I’m not too proud of. Probably the lack of inspiration. And time. I’m planning this elaborate blue china porcelain series and soon, Nyonya series (I’m a proud Nyonya! – An inside joke. Heh.). Reverting to my usual doodles-in-class, this is a take on how we used to read the newpapers.

This is how we read newspapers today.

One word. Desensitised. Or as the lawyer Leong put it – numbed.

I hope you’ll never be numbed. Don’t say it’s normal to have robberies occuring every other week. Don’t say it’s normal for politicians to turn corrupt. Don’t say it’s normal for trains to be delayed or bus drivers to be reckless. And don’t say there’s always the private institutions if merit doesn’t get you into public universities.

Numbness is the start of the paralysis of a proactive change-seeking society.


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