Progressive Resignation?

I was so physically and mentally exhausted. Somebody told me, “Rest in God”.

I was contemplating joining a cell group at church. The preacher of the week said, “If you aren’t in a cell group, I encourage you to”.

I am facing temptations, a problem so big it worries me. The pastor preached on “lead us not into temptation” from the Lord’s Prayer, and using the illustration of Joseph and Potiphar’s wife, said, “When there’s temptation, run”.

I’ve always thought that I am a person of strong principle; steady, in fact, as the meaning of my name. But one can never claim that until a time of testing arrives. It came like a sudden sharp slap. I was wrong. At times like this, the ability to reason and justify may just turn against you to your detriment.


If you’ve been wondering why I’ve been going on some hallucinogenic trip drawing insanely (or inanely, whichever you’d prefer) and writing incessantly about social whatnots instead of being the regular teenage blogger who writes about the shit in life and what they had for breakfast, really, I could give you a polished answer of the pen being mightier than the sword yada-yada. But hands up, I’m not discrediting social bloggers who give updates of their lives, because I do moan about the shit in my life albeit occasionally (see above).

I guess being brought up by teachers has opened my eyes to the flaws in the system. I’m guilty of no action, talk only of things that directly affect me. Maybe through the Youth Action Group (for another post), I’ve become more outward-looking and hopefully, be able to work things into action.


First impressions are funny. I’ve been told I’ve been thought of as a full-fledged nerd. But yes, I’ve become the thing that I’ve teased my Form 6 deskmate of. (He got brilliant STPM results and is in Singapore now, and I, mediocre and stuck in Malaysia.) Oh well, not a bad thing I suppose.

Resigned to the fact that I’ll in KL for a good 3 years, I’ve decided to make the most it. Here’s a non-exhaustive list of things I plan to do in 3 years:
.Support the Malaysian arts scene by watching a play
.Watch an indie band
.Explore Central Market, be touristy and take lots of vibrant artsy photographs. And hopefully do some sketches.
.Go around KL on foot at night
.Go to Petaling Street
.Visit an art gallery
.Discover KL’s best kept secrets!
.Find a quiet place with plenty of trees and grass for escapism and frolic.

I hope to do this while maintaining my nerd-like status to reach destination: London.


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