Ten Shots: Snappy Singapore II

More snapshots of Singapore. It is evident that Singapore pumps money into the art scene and the preservation of heritage buildings. I’m a sucker for heritage buildings. While Malaysia does a poor job at it by demolishing pre-war buildings in the name of development, Singapore shows that an air of modernity can be infused into the old.

The art scene is extermely vibrant. My biggest regret was not going to the ArtScience Museum for the world debut of Andy Warhol: 15 Minutes Eternal which presents 260 of Warhol’s artworks. If you’re heading to Singapore between now till 12 August 2012, do visit this exhibition.

Armenian Street
St Andrew’s
The Armenian Church
Art Students’ Lockers
The Crane Dance
A snippet from Indonesian poet Chairil Anwar’s poem ‘Aku’ (‘Me’)
“Wounds and poison I’ll take running
Until the pain leaves”
Lights on Sentosa
Terror Ride
The Merlion
Pretty little angel on a gravestone in an Armenian church

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