Shot that Albatross

Dad used to read to us Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s seven-part poem The Rime of the Ancient Mariner from an old blue pocket-size book wrapped tightly with transparent plastic. The way he read it used to give me the chills, especially when his voice dropped to a ghostly whisper at the part where the ghost ship […]

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I’m Not Here

Radiohead’s How To Disappear Completely was playing on loop in the background. I should be writing on alternative dispute resolution. That there, that’s not me I go where I please I reached for a pencil. Paper. The back of some old criminal law notes will do. Strange. I never draw on new paper. I walk […]

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Boat: Sink or Swim?

Some drawing I did while the Deskmate unloaded his burdens. We’re all stuck in the same boat, aren’t we? [cynical chuckle] We’re all either clinging on to dear life or staring on at tranquility from reality. I know I am looking forward to tranquility. I’m planning my summer break already. A solo travel to Singapore, […]

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Progressive Resignation?

I was so physically and mentally exhausted. Somebody told me, “Rest in God”. I was contemplating joining a cell group at church. The preacher of the week said, “If you aren’t in a cell group, I encourage you to”. I am facing temptations, a problem so big it worries me. The pastor preached on “lead […]

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Are You That Numb?!

After recovering from a bout of a peculiar ailment, I did a couple of drawings which I’m not too proud of. Probably the lack of inspiration. And time. I’m planning this elaborate blue china porcelain series and soon, Nyonya series (I’m a proud Nyonya! – An inside joke. Heh.). Reverting to my usual doodles-in-class, this […]

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First Class Happiness

Here’s Mom while we were in the waiting room before the award ceremony last year. It’s been a year exactly but it doesn’t feel so. My drawing hardly does any justice to her youthfulness and beautiful self. And it doesn’t even look alike. But it was her happiness I was trying to capture. Mom, I’ll […]

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