Weary of Being Wary?

This article was first published in Obiter Dicta – the online BAC Law Society Newsletter. One night, my aunt was watching telly and I was, as usual, in my room. Suddenly, I heard a few loud gasps. My aunt came rushing to my room and told me about a child in China who was run […]

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I love scratching out days past on timetables (think STPM timetables). This habit has carried on to college. I’m scratching out months on my academic timetable. Boom. Three months gone. And I’m not settled emotionally. Five more till exams. And I’m already getting nightmares. YES. I have been complaining and complaining and complaining. It’s unhealthy. […]

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Advertising 101 for Ah Longs

What makes a good advertisement? One billboard goes something like this: GOOD ADVERTISEMENTS CONTAIN LESS THAN SEVEN WORDS. Some say less mess, more clarity. Catchy phrases. Funky graphics. Impact. “We want the message to go… BOOM.” A poster in a strategic location will suffice. Or maybe a few. Apparently, ah longs haven’t caught on effective […]

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Disabling Disabling the Disabled

It was a long day after classes and I was waiting for the pedestrian light to turn green. A visibly-impaired woman with a white cane stood beside me. When the light turned green, she didn’t budge. So I nudged her on. As I walked behind her, this admiration for her independence came to me. Using […]

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Tolerance, The Way To Go?

Tolerance: The willingness to accept or tolerate somebody/something especially opinions or behaviour that you may not agree with, or people who are not like you. Tolerate: To accept somebody/something that is annoying, unpleasant, etc. without complaining. To allow somebody to do something you do not agree with or like. They always say we have to […]

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My room’s still a mess and my bags are unpacked. The papier-mâché helmet for VBS lies half-done in a corner, several ink drawings incomplete, recently printed photographs remain out of the album sleeves, and my 9 Episodes of Boredom is still unframed. And my shutterbug rip to Kellie’s Castle has not been materialised. I haven’t […]

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Malaysia = First World? Get Real.

Recently, I headed to KL to complete my college enrolment. I was really excited about it – furniture shopping (which didn’t materialise) and trains. But I found myself exasperated and missing Hong Kong sorely. 1. Transportation is a pain here. The rail system covers more than 100 stations and is operated mainly by RapidKL Rail, […]

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