Cities²: Kuala Lumpur I

I will be doing a photo series of cities. It’s called Cities² because photographs capture in squares (more accurately, rectangles). So very lame, I know. I went out to the city in between two 3-hour lectures for some business and for necessity (six hours with law of trusts and land law in a day can […]

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Tak Kenal Maka Tak Cinta

Hi. My name is Yi Wen. In a year, I spend 9 months in Kuala Lumpur but I am not from here. I come from a small city up north called Ipoh. Ipoh folks who stay in KL complain about KL; traffic jam, the food not as good, the food too expensive, traffic jam… KL […]

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Ten Shots: Snappy Singapore II

More snapshots of Singapore. It is evident that Singapore pumps money into the art scene and the preservation of heritage buildings. I’m a sucker for heritage buildings. While Malaysia does a poor job at it by demolishing pre-war buildings in the name of development, Singapore shows that an air of modernity can be infused into […]

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Ten Shots: Snappy Singapore I

One of my aims when I’m in my twenties is to budget travel as much as possible. Since I was a kid, I was obsessed with the idea of backpacking; me lugging a huge knapsack, walking everywhere and staying in budget hotels. Staying in budget hotels hasn’t materialised, but in my two so-called solo trips […]

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A Quick Flashback

3 months, 6 issues, 30 events later I look back and find I’ve learnt so much from the little I’ve done. I started off with tiny events like school-based cross country races moving on to a business luncheon and now, a 30,000-strong crowd-puller. Being a stringer (aka freelance reporter) is full of excitement. This Probie […]

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‘Demistifying’ Remembrances

“Remembrance of things past is not necessarily the remembrance of things as they were.” – Marcel Proust Browsing through pictures and information on several hill resorts, I feel like heading up there for a leisure trip. Penang Hill, Fraser’s Hill and Maxwell Hill are all haven’s for shutter bugs. Although I’m not a talented photographer […]

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